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Bogdan Ota is a leading name in contemporary music industry and one of the Romanian artists who had a spectacular evolution in the last years. He graduated from the George Enescu Arts University in Iași in 2003, achieved success and had his geniality confirmed while taking part in the Norway’s Got Talent competition.

Finalist of the 2011 edition of the Norwegian television reality series, he won a Sony Music/Day 1 Entertainment management contract and conquered the Norwegian public and the jury with his talent. Director Rino Hemstadt Eliassen invited him to score his movie Sirenen, which was in cinemas across Norway.

In May 2012 a well-known radio producer and journalist, Sergiu Alex, who had become fascinated with Bogdan‘s amazing talent and life story thanks to Norway’s Got Talent, released a book about him, entitled Bogdan Ota and the Piano that Brings Heaven Closer (Eikon publishing house).

In October 2012 the artist’s first album, Day of Wrath, produced by Electrecord, was released. Managing to reinvent Classical Crossover and the New Age genres, his album was acclaimed by American professional music critics whose ratings were 5 stars out of 5. Bogdan Ota has become an icon in Romania, performing for tens of thousands of fans and is on a journey to conquer the hearts and minds of the rest of the world. He toured with Day of Wrath Romania, Norway, the UK, France and Australia.

In November 2014 he released his second CD, Revelations, produced by the same label. He has reached more than 200,000 digital and physical units sold worldwide and over 10 million views on YouTube. Bogdan Ota is currently based in Las Vegas, introducing his music to the American public.

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