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cAbiners is a folk acoustic duo made up of Dayv Poulin of Sudbury and Loni Konkal of North Bay.  The duo met in 2014 and began singing casually together.  In the summer of 2017, they began performing live and adopted the name cAbiners to represent their relaxed and inviting vibe.  They perform a variety of cover and original material.

Dayv Poulin has been a professional musician for over 20 years with projects like Toe Jam Tequila, Le Paysagiste, Konflit Dramatik and Orchid Thieves. Loni is relatively new on the professional music scene, but has grown up singing and surrounded by a family of musicians.

The key to cAbiners success is simplicity:  one guitar, two voices, bathed in beautiful harmonies and blends.  Add to that a passion for music, an eclectic song selection, a natural talent for entertaining, and you have the essence of what makes cAbiners so endearing!


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