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1964… Four lads from liverpool ignite the stage of the Ed Sullivan theater. Their toe-tapping catchy hits, their casual wit and their unforgettable charm win the hearts of teenagers all over the world.

The cast captures the raw energy and playful spontaneity of The Beatle’s earliest performances, as Beatlemania took the world by storm. Every nuance of these performances has been painstakingly recreated. Perfect replicas of the Fab Four’s “Hard Days Night” suits, note-for-note 3 part harmonies and exact instrumentation leave even the most scrutinizing fans impressed.

The mannerisms, vocals, accents and personalities have never been so faithfully reproduced. You will feel what it was like to have been there.


By 1965, The Beatles were on top of the world, in the midst of world tours, movie sets, dining with royalty, recording studios, they were jet setting across continents.

In the studio, they were pushing the creative limits of popular music into new found territory. Lyrics took on deeper meanings, and the addition of heavy orchestration and studio effects became more and more common. Technology at the time did not permit The Beatles to reproduce many of these newer songs on stage.

Using state of the art orchestral sounds and live effect processing, The Beatles Experience ignite the stage to recapture the days of Help, Rubber Soul and Revolver in stunningly perfect detail.


By August 1966, frustrated with the hardships of touring and fuelled by experimentation, the Beatles decided to stop touring and focus their efforts in the studio.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band completely re-invented the concept of pop music. Free from the constraints of having to perform their music live, The Beatles were able to let their creativity soar, creating sounds no one had ever heard.

Many of these songs remain, to this day, nearly impossible to perform live. Using state of the art orchestral sounds and live effect processing, The Beatles Experience reproduces every one of these songs perfectly, live before your eyes, without any prerecorded background music!

Songs like “A Day in the Life” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” sound so close to the album, you won’t believe your ears.


By 1968, their songwriting became less collaborative and more personal. Many of the songs written for the ‘White Album’ were written while in India with an acoustic guitar.

Paul was showcasing his independence as a writer and performer through songs like “Blackbird” and “Mother Nature’s Son”, George was becoming every bit as credible a songwriter with classics like “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, and John was quickly becoming an unwavering political activist.

In this intense and intimate part of the show, share a rare one-on-one moment with each member, before John Paul George and Ringo take the stage together again, one last time.


Although Beatlemania was coming to an end and The Beatles were growing further apart, many regard this stage of their career as their best.

The highly experimental White album, the back to basics rock and roll attitude of Let it Be, and their refined swan song Abbey Road encompass everything they had learned over their remarkable career.

High energy songs like “Back in the USSR”, “Get Back” and “Revolution” and captivating performances such as “Dear Prudence” and “Let It Be” mark the climax of this incredibly intense show.

Experience The Beatles together again in their finest… and final hours.


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