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Jean-Marc Chaput is someone who has mastered the art of doing things differently, someone who is always at the top of his game, no matter what cards life deals him. He has contributed many articles to newspapers and magazines, writing about his views on life, people, fear and love. Timeless and versatile, he adapts equally well to all his audiences, be they college students or CEOs. Jean-Marc Chaput is here to stay!

In his new conference-show entitled MAINTENANT OU JAMAIS, this exceptional motivational speaker targets the lethargy and indifference that people sometimes fall victim to. Jean-Marc will beguile you with personal anecdotes based on his own experiences and extensive research. Whether on stage or as motivational speaker, he is capable of moving audiences to the point that they will leave his show asking themselves that one all-important question: if not now, then when?


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may, 2020

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