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Lecture: Managing Health And Safety, Get The Best… Prevent the Worst (60 Minutes)

The lecture Managing Health and Safety, Get the Best… Prevent the Worst is a simple, entertaining lecture. Through the telling of a light-hearted story, it mainly aims to help the participant:

  • Reduce the number of injuries in work-related accidents in the employees under the participant’s supervision;
  • Understand the importance of having a health and safety management strategy to achieve results;
  • Assimilate legal obligations and integrate them into the health and safety management strategy while showing due diligence;
  • Maximize the impact of each dollar invested in health and safety and the spin-offs;
  • Avoid the main traps in health and safety management.

”Managing health and safety. Get the Best . . . Prevent the Worst” is a simple, entertaining and effective conference on managing health and safety. It is aimed at management teams and boards of directors but also relates to employees, employees’ representatives, and unions.

In about one hour, participants receive information on the key components of an effective OHS strategy, delivered dynamically and interactively. The conference teaches participants how to reduce the amount of injuries in their organization, carry out their occupational health and safety management obligations, build diligence, and put in 20% of efforts to obtain 80% of the results.

If you are looking to improve your OHS performances, increase your managers’, employees’ and partners’ knowledge, or simply boost the troops, “Managing Health and Safety. Get the best… prevent the worst” is the best tool for you.

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Marc-André Ferron is a health and safety consultant, author, and lecturer. Here are some of the highlights of his career:

  • 17 years’ experience in health and safety and management. Has worked in a number of positions, including: health and safety and training coordinator, director of management, quality, environmental, and health and safety systems, human resources manager and finance manager;
  • A graduate degree in work relations, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, technical training in health and safety and industrial hygiene, and a graduate degree in Lean Management;
  • Has worked with approximately 300 SMEs, several dozen multinationals in various activity sectors, and the public and parapublic sectors;
  • Several additional courses including: Lead auditor OHSAS 18001 by BSI, optimization of management systems at ETS, communications and public relations.


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