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The Quebec Issime creative team is once again innovating while following the recipe that made it successful, this time it is the history of country. “From Willie to Dolly” is the main theme of this mega-production. Counting on the three pioneers of Québec Issime shows, sisters Marie-Eve, Karine and Caroline Riverin, surrounded by Philippe Berghella (Marc-André Fortin), Dominique Godin and Yanick Lanthier, this show is timely given the growing craze for this legendary music. Cowboys is a country Quebec Issime show that will make you travel from Willie to Dolly, through Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Bobby Hache, Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash without forgetting all the big names of this musical flavor!

On stage, the accomplished team will be reunited with experienced musicians who will honor all the subtleties of country music. A true “musical trip” that is Quebec Issime!


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