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Vegas tasting is a new exciting concept, a form of high-end poker along with a night of hosting by some of Canada’s best sommeliers. Simple and easy to understand, Vegas Tasting permits your guest to quickly grasp the ABC’s of wine tasting. Everyone in the world can play wine connoisseurs and neophytes alike.

Various formations are available: an after work 5 to 7 event version, a table style poker game, a group game adaptable for fundraisers, festivals, corporate parties, etc… Vegas tasting is the ideal party game for all occasions.

For foundations and benefits, Vegas Tasting is an easy way to fundraise. The house always wins but more importantly, your guests will have a great time while they learn about the characteristics of wine. The number of guests that can be entertained is limitless and budgets it very flexible. Success is guaranteed!

For corporate and special events, your functions were never this fun. Your employees, clients and invitees will be given a crash course in wine tasting techniques; its visual aspects, its aromatic qualities and finally its gastronomic complexities. By the end of the night everyone will be able to communicate in the language of wine. Vegas Tasting will encourage communications between your guests, an essential tool in today’s corporate world.

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august, 2017

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