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Sudbury ON native Dayv Poulin has been playing music professionally for over 20 years. From bars, to weddings, to big stages across the country, Dayv has been entertaining crowds of all ages with his impressive vocal skills and an unbelievable variety of song selections. Mostly none for his role as frontman and singer of the group Toe Jam Tequilla, Dayv has also played with french bands Konflit Dramatik and Les Chaizes Muzikales, and has been the musical director for huge shows like La St-Jean in Sudbury and Canada Day at Science North.

For the past few years, Dayv has focused his energy on his french solo project Le Paysagiste. With this project, Dayv has released two albums as well as numerous music videos. This project has received numerous award nominations and Le Paysagiste has been invited to play many major festivals across Canada. Le Paysagiste was also invited to play for JunoFest in Hamilton this year where he got to play for and socialize with some of the country’s most important players in the Canadian music industry.

Dayv‘s most recent album release Le Paysagiste – Alter Ego, was nominated for 7 Trille Or awards (Franco-Ontarian music awards) and Dayv walked away with the Best Album Producer award which he shared with the album’s co-producer Stéphane Rancourt. He was also awarded 3 major prizes after his showcase at the Contact Ontarois event held in Ottawa in January. These awards have brought Dayv to huge festivals in Ontario and Quebec with potential for a 20 date European tour.

Everywhere Dayv performs, people are blown away by the quality of his music and performance put on by him and his musicians. Dayv Poulin and his show with Le Paysagiste always delivers an experience high in emotion and intensity and always leaves the audience wanting more.


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